In addition to General Group Sessions, Amherst Archery Academy offers both JOAD and AAAP opportunities. JOAD stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development and is for people ages 8 – 20. AAAP stands for Adult Archery Achievement Program and is for people ages 21 – seniors. JOAD and AAAP could be categorized as achievement-based programs in so much that members have opportunities to achieve special pins (Stars Pins) from USA Archery upon scoring specific scores on certain size target faces from defined distances.

Here’s what USA Archery, the creator of these programs, has to say:

JOAD: “JOAD . . . teaches archery to young people, provides great opportunities for awarding achievement, and helps archers to enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition! . . . Whether your child’s interest is purely recreational or an Olympic, Paralympic or World Championship dream, USA Archery’s JOAD program is tailored to help the young archer achieve their goals.” USA Archery website.

The first ever Amherst Archery JOAD/AAAP qualifying rounds for Stars Pins. June, 2013

Volunteer judges assist JOAD/AAAP participants in conducting double scoring for the Fall Frenzy.

AAAP: “(AAAP) allows adults to learn proper shooting technique, achieve awards based on score, and pursue competition if they wish, during a series of classes taught by a certified coach or instructor . . . Similar in scope to USA Archery’s Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program, Adult Archery Achievement is the logical ‘next step’ for adult archers pursuing this lifetime sport . . . Whether your interest in archery is purely recreational, or an Olympic, Paralympic or World Championship dream, USA Archery’s Adult Archery Achievement program is designed to help you pursue all that archery has to offer.”


JOAD and AAAP are whatever you want to make them. The level of instruction you receive and experiences you have while in the Amherst Archery Academy JOAD or AAAP programs prepare you to enjoy archery in your backyard or in a competition. While numerous Olympians did get their start in a JOAD near their hometown, this does not mean you have to pursue competition. JOAD/AAAP classes meet year-round, giving you the opportunity to build ongoing relationships with other archers, receive continued coaching, and earn some “stars” along the way.



Coach, I think we did pretty well! Don’t you?

Amherst Archery Academy keeps the JOAD/AAAP atmosphere one of fun learning in a risk-aware and focused environment with plenty of opportunity for challenge and growth. JOAD is for youths aged 8-20. Consider your child’s personal motivation, developmental age, and how many classes he or she can attend. If your child has attended regular Amherst Archery Academy Sessions, can relax his/her body and mind while at the range, does not distract other archers while shooting, and is eager to achieve their very best in target archery — then your child may be ready!


AAAP Participant, Carrie at our inaugural tournament, Hello Yellow, Fall 2017.

AAAP is for adults 21+. If you have had fun in your regular Amherst Archery Academy Sessions and want to continue learning with a growing community of experienced archers, then you’re ready for AAAP. Classes continue as multi-level classes in our welcoming community. You do not have to compete in tournaments to participate and benefit from AAAP.


We request that JOAD or AAAP applicants attend at least one, preferabbly two, of the non-JOAD/AAAP General Group Sessions (10, 1.5 hr. lessons) through Amherst Archery Academy prior to enrolling in JOAD/AAAP. Our wish is that students enter JOAD/AAAP with a foundation of proper archery form and familiarity with range safety. Para-archers and archers shooting with compound, recurve or traditional bows are welcome. Archery is a wheelchair accessible sport. Both programs welcome experienced beginners through advanced archers. We do not require that archers shoot a certain score to enroll.

QUESTIONS? NOT SURE? REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS? Send us a note and we’ll help you create a pathway to JOAD/AAAP

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