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Pro Shop & Indoor Range

Pandemic Info

During the Indoor season (about Nov - March) we are offering private and custom small group lessons only. There are currently no group classes running indoors.

Use of the Indoor Range is currently only available to members.

The Pro Shop is online and has never closed. We continue to provide high quality equipment for curbside pickup and shipping.

The Arts & Industry Building
221 Pine Street, Suite 155
Florence, MA 01062

Finding the Indoor Range After You Park

If you park in front of the building: Walk up the short flight of stairs located in the middle of the front loading dock. Enter door that the stairs align you with (there is a small sign that says “Main Entrance.” Once inside you will pass by mailboxes on the left and bulletin boards on the right. A staircase will rise up in front of you. Suite 155 is in front of you, right next to the staircase.

If you park in the back of the building: Find the back parking lot by driving through the narrow passage to the right of the front parking lot. This is a one way street with some large pothole so please drive carefully. Enter the garage door in the center of the loading dock. Close the garage door tightly. Walk to the end of the hallway. Turn left and then left again (don’t go upstairs!). Suite 155 is in front of you, right next to the staircase

Outdoor Range

Pandemic Info

We are moving outside as soon as the weather shifts (or seems like it might shift) in March or April. All Group Classes will resume and are already available for registration.

Private coaching and custom small groups will still be available.

Our outdoor range is located at Look Memorial Park in Florence, MA.