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Explore inner strength through archery practice.

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Sattva Center’s custom group programs are a welcome addition to family time or group outings. We create programs for all types of groups:


Parent-child pairs


Small family groups


Large family gatherings


Work fun adventures


Groups of friends


Scout troops

During a Sattva Center customized group program, group members of all ages are introduced to recurve barebow archery. Archers learn proper form and shoot arrows together at the line. Our light-weight training bows are ideal for both the youngest and most senior members of your group. Group programs are open to ages 7 - adult.

Custom group programs vary in length depending on the number of archers.

0 archers

90-minutes, $150

0 archers

90-minutes, $200

0 archers

120-minutes, $300

0-12 archers

180-minutes, $400 deposit plus $70 for each archer beyond 5

You can use the calendar below to book a time and group size that works for your group!

We often offer times that are not listed on this calendar (like over holidays). If you’re interested in a different time than you see listed, please call us and we will work out the best time for your family to experience archery.

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