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Hello Yellow Indoor Tournament & Training Series offers the Northeast USA a series of opportunities for athletes and coaches to develop competitively, technically, and professionally. Tournaments are held during both the indoor and outdoor seasons.

Hello Yellow Tournaments

Hello Yellow Tournament Series are held year-round, indoors and outdoors. They are USA Archery sanctioned. Athletes may choose to compete in any number of these local tournaments. Prizes are awarded at the end of each tournament. In addition, each Series has winners determined by a handicap that creates equity between bow division and gender.

The Indoor 2018-2019 season welcomed almost 50 archers in both competitive and pin shoot divisions held over the course of four tournaments.

Outdoor Tournament Series dates will be posted as soon as possible.

Indoor Tournaments

November 16-17, December 14-15, January 18-19, February 1-2, and March 7-8

The Hello Yellow Indoor Tournament Series consists of 5 USA Archery sanctioned tournaments held at Sattva Center for Archery Training in Florence, MA. Athletes are invited to register for one or more of the Tournaments in the Series. Archers looking to be eligible for Series Prizes must compete in 2 or more tournaments in the Series.

Each Hello Yellow Indoor tournament is a World Archery (FITA) 600 round. The “600” refers to the best possible score; in order to achieve a 600, an athlete needs to shoot 60 arrows in the 10 ring. Archers shoot 20 ends, 3 arrows at a time, with a 10-minute break after the 10th end. Athletes have 2 minutes to complete each end of 3 arrows.

While USA Archery sanctions each tournament, the Series as a whole is not sanctioned. Awards for each tournament are handed out after the last scoring end of each individual tournament. Sattva calculates and announces scores 5-10 minutes after all athletes hand in score cards. No waiting around!

Tournament and Series Scores

Hello Yellow Nov 16-17, 2019

Tournament #1 Scores (Nov)

Hello Yellow Series Scores

Hello Yellow Dec 14-15, 2019

Tournament #2 Scores (Dec)

Hello Yellow Series Scores (Dec)

Hello Yellow Jan 18-19, 2020

Tournament #3 Scores (Jan)

Hello Yellow Series Scores (Jan)

Hello Yellow Feb 1-2, 2020

Tournament #4 Scores (Feb)

Hello Yellow Series Scores (Feb)


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tournament rules?

When you arrive at Hello Yellow you will be greeted and shown where the registration table is.  If this is your first tournament, or if you are still new to tournaments, please inform your Hello Yellow greeter and we will happily provide you with an orientation and explain or review the rules to you.  All athletes must have their equipment inspected by a Judge prior to shooting their bow on the range.  There may or may not be a break at half time.  

World Archery Rules will be followed for athletes in the Compound, Barebow and Olympic Recurve divisions. USA Archery rules will be followed for Traditional and Longbow divisions. 

There is a dress code that we follow as part of hosting USA Archery sanctioned tournaments.  Please make sure you read and understand the Dress Code prior to arriving.  If providing yourself or your child(ren) with Dress Code compliant clothing becomes a barrier for participation – please contact us immediately and we will provide clothing for you or your child(ren) to borrow.  Part of the Dress Code includes not wearing any camouflage.  Please read the Camo Interpretation if interested.  High Draws will not be allowed – please educate yourself, your children or your athletes about the dangers of high draw and shoot in a way that eliminates high draw.

How is the tournament scored?

Each tournament is scored using USA Archery Sanctioned Tournament rule.

We use a handicap system for the Hello Yellow Indoor Tournament Series to level the playing field across bow divisions and genders, reward people for improving, and keep the competition exciting. The handicap system is a two-step handicap. The Gender/Division handicap is awarded based on the Gender and Division of the archer. The points are calculated using the most recently available Indoor or Outdoor National Scores for each division and gender. These points are added to the initial tournament score. The second handicap is based on performance. The athlete’s score is subtracted from the amount of possible points (600) and then multiplied by 80%. This number is then added to the score. Two bonus points per tournament attended are then awarded to those who attend more tournaments within the Series. While bonus points are significant, they are not enough to bump an athlete out of the running if they can only attend 2 of the 4 tournaments. This two-step handicap system is designed to level out experience, gender, and style of bow.

HY Series Winners are eligible for some serious prizes! We have not solidified the exact prizes yet – but prizes will be along the lines of: X-10 arrows, shop sponsorship, bow bags, quivers, target faces, shot counters, AAA custom target stands, targets by American Whitetail, and more. Awards for the entire Tournament Series are announced after the last line of the last Sunday in the Series.

All Hello Yellow Tournaments qualify as JOAD/AAAP Pin Shoots.

What are the tournament divisions?
  • Compound (release aid & fingers; max 60#)
  • Olympic Recurve
  • Barebow
  • Traditional
  • Para Archery
  • Collegiate (includes Bowhunter)
What are the age classes?

Age is based on how old the athlete is on the last day of the year the tournament is held.

  • Yeomoan: through the calendar year of their 9th birthday
  • Bowman: through the calendar year of their 12th birthday
  • Cub: through the calendar year of their 14th birthday
  • Cadet: through the calendar year of their 17th birthday
  • Junior: through the calendar year of their 20th birthday
  • Senior: Age 21 through the calendar year of their 49th birthday. However, participants may compete within the Senior class at any point.
  • Masters 50+: when the competition takes place in the year of their 50th birthday and thereafter.
  • Master 60+: when the competition takes place in the year of their 60th birthday and thereafter.
  • Master 70+: when the competition takes place in the year of their 70th birthday and thereafter.
What are the distances & target face sizes?

Hello Yellow Tournaments offers competitive and non-competitive participation categories.  All age classes and bow divisions in the competitive category will shoot at distances and targets as dictated by the rules. 

The non-competitive participation category is for JOAD archers looking to try for their Stars Pins at fewer meters and for not-yet-competitive archers (adults or youth) who have not built up to a longer distance yet and want to experience shooting under “tournament like conditions.” Non-competitive participants are not ranked.  

How can I register?

Online registration is encouraged but not required.

Online registration for each Tournament within the series closes on the Thursday before the first day of the Tournament, at 3:00PM.

USA Archery membership is required for all competitors. Join USA Archery.

Can I buy equipment at the tournament?

We have a 1000sq. ft. retail space and service area that will be open and available for the ease and convenience of each athlete during Indoor Tournaments. Select items will also be available at outdoor tournaments.

Is the facility accessible?

Sattva Center for Archery Training's facility is ADA compliant. We have a ramp accessing the front door of our building and a wheelchair accessible bathroom inside the archery range.  All doors meet codes for width.  If you require an Agent (someone to pull your arrows, score, assist you at the shooting line, etc.), please call so we can make arrangements.  Please feel free to call us and ask any questions. 

We want to make our facility, and Hello Yellow events, accessible to everyone.

Hello Yellow Training Series

The Hello Yellow Training Series brings World-Class learning opportunities for athletes and coaches to the Northeast. Previous clinics include Olympian Jake Kaminski, Athletic Trainer Heathe Kaminski, National Head Coach KiSik Lee, and Mental Management Coach Jamie Venuti. Training Clinics are scheduled year-round.

Coach KiSik Lee

Third Annual 2-Day KSL Clinic & Private Lessons with USA National Head Coach, Coach KiSik Lee

Fri-Sun, October 4-6 @ Sattva Center.

Private Lessons with Coach Lee offered Friday through Sunday.  KSL Shot Cycle Clinic with Coach Lee, Saturday and Sunday. 

Olympic level learning, brought to you: October, 2019.  Learn the KSL Shot Cycle from Coach KiSik Lee himself.  You deserve this simply because you love archery.  Invest in your learning, propel your performance!  Coach Lee’s athletes have won over 18 Gold, 14 Silver, and 9 Bronze Olympic and World Championship medals.  Not only has Coach Lee been the US National Head Coach since 2006, he was the former Australian Head Coach from 1997-2005 and the Head Coach for South Korea from 1981-1997.  Coach Lee is an enthusiastic, talented and passionate Coach, eager to help athletes and coaches improve their performance.   

Choose your programs:

  • Option 1: 2-Day, Sat-Sun, Oct 5-6, 16 hour (est.), KSL Clinic with Coach Lee
    • Part lecture and slides; part shooting with feedback 
  • Option 2: Private lessons with Coach Lee offered Friday - Sunday
  • Option 3: Combine both the KSL Clinic and Private Lessons to maximize your learning experience

Past Training Series


Bow Tuning Clinic

Presented in 2019

Taught by Coach Kyle Bissell

The Recurve Bow Tuning Clinic at Sattva covers tuning for both Modern Barebow and Olympic Style Recurve bows. Recurve Bow Tuning Clinic combines didactic and experiential learning; keen observation and listening will be balanced by hands on application of new skills. Each participant, bringing their own equipment to the course, will tune their own bow as the course progresses. Finally, Coach Kyle will check for understanding and challenge the groups level of understanding by asking the group to test their tuning decisions and support their rationale for making certain decisions.

Kaminski group photo

Kaminski Weekend: Bow Tuning, Body Tuning, Private Lessons or Sports Massage

Presented in 2018

A Weekend-Long Hello Yellow Training Clinic

Bow-tuning and Private Coaching with Jake Kaminski

Group and Private Lessons in strength training with Heather Kaminski

Mix and match any of these options: a full day, full day and a half, or a half day of Bow Tuning with Jake Kaminski; Private lessons with Jake; Group strength training clinic for all archers (compound included), with Heather, designed to increase power, mobility, flexibility, decrease injury and learn taping; Private Lessons with Heather to develop custom strength training plans; Sports massage with Heather. Join 44 time Olympic, World and National Champion, Jake Kaminski, and Heather Kaminski, licensed massage practitioner, to get your bow and body dialed in; They could not be more dedicated, passionate and motivated to help you grow and succeed as an archer athlete.


Mental Performance Clinic

Presented in 2018

Athletic endeavors, archery included, are 90% mental. A stronger mental game will help you develop a stronger positive mindset, equip you with a quiver of mental skills from which to draw from when the going gets tough, and help you tune in with greater self-awareness. Join Mental Performance Consultant Jamie Venuti from MindEdge Performance, LLC., as she guides you through gaining knowledge, self-awareness and skills designed to help you improve your mental game. Walk away with specific skills and tools to draw from and walk towards your goals with greater confidence and effectiveness.

IMG_0161 - group outings

Nutrition for Athletes: Why, When, What?

Join Tracy Roth, a Certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, and Owner of The Hub Studio to learn about why nutrition matters to everyone, especially athletes! Tracy will share her knowledge and experience as an athlete and coach in an interactive, group discussion about why what we eat matters for our general health and wellbeing, how to eat for your body type and individual needs, and how to identify what works for you. Tracy will also share information on hydration, supplements, energy bars, and the habits that will lead to optimal health. Participants will walk away with an understanding of how nutrition is an art as well as a science, a starting place for body type nutrition, pre/during/post workout nutrition basics, and an overall strategy for addressing their individual needs.