At Sattva Center for Archery Training, we guarantee your instructional experience to be unlike any you’ve had before. Our coaches skillfully distill the physical and mental aspects of modern archery into bite-sized pieces of delicious. We are fun. We are creative. We are respectful. We are self-reflective and passionate in our pursuit to improve our practice as coaches each and every day. We create an environment where each archer sees themselves as an athlete and finds their inner and outer strength.  Sattva proudly employs three Level IV-NTS Coaches and four Level III-NTS Coaches.  We are Sattva Coaches. We’re here for you. Feel the draw.


We are committed to you finding your strength through and within archery. No matter who you are. We get to yes.



We are knowledgeable, experienced, and competent. Not only are we USA Archery certified, coaching archery is what we do six days a week, year-round. We’re constantly looking for ways to become stronger, more effective coaches.



Our instructional strategies are creative. We coach with joy and enthusiasm because we love helping people love archery.

Kyle Bissell 2-min

Founder & Head Coach, Level IV-NTS Coach, NTS Coach Trainer: Levels I, II, III, IV

Kyle Forbes Bissell

Kyle Bissell lives in Greenfield, MA, with his wife and two daughters. He has a Masters in Education, is a Ph.D. student at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, a USA Archery Level IV NTS Coach, Level III Coach Trainer, Level I & II Instructor Trainer, USA Archery Regional Elite Development Team Coach, Level V Coach candidate, and founder and head coach at Sattva Center for Archery Training (10yrs). Coach Kyle also assists with the training and development of  USAA Level IV Coach candidates. He was an athletic director at the high school level, physical education teacher at the elementary level (8 yrs.), and a Level III Professional Ski Instructor of America (13 yrs), where he earned inclusion in Skiing Magazine (1997) as among the 75 best ski instructors in the USA for children. He has worked for the adventure education and outdoor programs at Harvard University, College of the Atlantic, and Green Mountain College.  Recently, a custom archery-based professional development program Bissell designed was published as a case study in a book for school administrators. Bissell is a multi-sport athlete and loves teaching the physical and mental elements required to pursue increased performance. He has actively studied and applied the art and science of teaching movement and coaching character for 28 years.  See advanced NTS coaching and training videos by Coach Kyle on the Sattva Center for Archery Training YouTube channel and read see more of Coach Kyle's work on his blog www.coachkylebissell.com.

Coach Philosophy

Three common threads guide me as a coach: inner strength, self-image, and relationships. Inner strength is a prerequisite for growth.  We need it to be disciplined, focused, to train with rigor, adapt, and be resilient. Inner strength is also needed to caretake self-image at all levels of performance. And self-image equals performance. Strong, healthy relationship are productive and yield positive results on and off the range. Attending to those relationships takes inner strength.  Archery is about being strong, on the inside. Coach Kyle coach philosophy video.

SerahRose Bissell-circle

CFO, Level IV-NTS Coach

SerahRose Bissell

SerahRose began studying archery in 2014. She earned her Level III in 2017 and Level IV-NTS Coach Certification in 2021. SerahRose holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Brandeis University and an MSA in Forensic Accounting from Bay Path University. SerahRose owns Aerialist Accounting, specializing in managerial accounting for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits.

Watch SerahRose describe her Coaching Philosophy

Cerji Colvin-circle

Level IV-NTS Coach

Cerji Colvin

I became involved with archery in 2011 to become the certified instructor for Circle of Tapawingo, a week-long camp in Maine for girls age 8-16 who've experienced the death of a parent. Since then, I have also become the archery instructor for CalEx, a week-long camp in CA for girls who've experienced the death of a family member. I shoot barebow because I like the basic simplicity of shooting without lots of accessories. I see archery as a sport at which I can compete against myself, and I'm always trying to shoot just a little bit better.

I encourage archers to succeed by supporting their goals, and understanding their challenges. I am empathetic to the needs of archer athletes, and request they be empathetic toward themselves. I want archer athletes to learn new skills in a fun, safe, respectful environment, where everyone is considerate of the community we are creating.

I certified as a Level IV-NTS Coach in 2020.


Level III-NTS Coach, Retail Manager & Bow Tech

Atreyu Moonstone

Atreyu started archery at Sattva when it was still Amherst Archery Academy in 2011 with Coach Kyle, at Bramble Hill Farm in Amherst, MA. In 2015, after some time learning to shoot and helping Coach Kyle out around the range, Atreyu became a certified Level I USAA Instructor. Today, Atreyu is a Level III Coach who trains athletes of all levels, year round, and has literally thousands of hours of coaching experience.  He is the retail manager at Sattva Atreyu and is an integral part of the Sattva community.  On any given day you might find Atreyu packing the Sattva trailer for a travel program, building target stands to ship across the country, building new bows to fulfill online sales and, of course, coaching.

Level III-NTS Coach

Lynn Oberbillig

Lynn is part of the Sattva Adult Archery Achievement Program (AAAP), competes in local tournaments, and coaches with Sattva whenever we are lucky enough to have her. Lynn has an extensive background in sports studies and trains coaches at the graduate level. Coach Lynn coached Division I basketball and softball at Nicholls College, is the former Athletic Director at Smith College and currently lecturer and Director of the Exercise and Sports Studies Graduate Program at Smith College. Coach Kyle loves talking with Coach Lynn about coaching theory, physiology, research and best coaching practices. We are so luck to have Lynn be part of Sattva. Coach Lynn's Coaching Philosophy:

"As someone with passion for learning and coaching, I try to instill passion in others. I do this by role modeling, creating an environment that supports risk taking, and by sharing my knowledge of the sport, how the body works, and my understanding of the mental aspects of sport.

I see myself as a facilitator who helps athletes identify goals and the means to achieve those goals. I believe athletes learn best by doing and having a variety of activities to enhance their learning. Learning is best achieved when it is athlete directed and I am the facilitator helping athletes to achieve their goals."


Level III-NTS Coach

Robert Campbell

Growing up on a farm in Western Massachusetts, Robert began archery at an early age. He has always been an outdoor person and has a great love and respect for nature. Having served six years in the Air Force, he has a strong sense of commitment. 

He has been involved with youth and adult summer camps and has coached archery since 2016. 

Robert enjoys barebow and traditional disciplines for the challenge of having to be present and ready to adjust when necessary. He encourages archers to find their flow, balance, and strength in life, and to achieve their goals, through archery.

His Dad once told him, “The more you learn the freer you will be”. 

Proud to be a part of the Sattva family and community.

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Level III-NTS Coach

Elissa Campbell

Elissa is a both an archer and a coach with Sattva. She has enjoyed an active yoga practice through the years and believes that the strength, balance, and meditative philosophy of yoga transfers to the sport of archery. Her interest in archery came later in her life and continues to be both a challenging and rewarding pursuit. Archery, for Elissa, is not just a sport. It is a process which requires inner strength, tenacity, and a growth mindset. And she has found Sattva, its founders and community to be a very supportive and encouraging environment for archers and coaches to achieve. She enjoys teaching students of all levels and ages and believes they afford her an opportunity to learn as well.


Level I-NTS Coach

Lance Piantaggini

The archery bug bit Lance pretty hard after signing up for Sattva summer classes on whim just before the 2019 school year began. A Latin teacher (and novella author) by day, and archer athlete by night, 2021 marks the first year coaching as a Level I Instructor. Lance holds a B.A. in Classics from our local University of Massachusetts Amherst, an M.A.T. in Latin from the not-so-local Kent State, and has just returned to his alma mater for an Ed.S./Ph.D. in Teacher Education and School Improvement while continuing to teach high school in nearby Springfield.


Administrative Assistant

Rose Hatem

Rose started at Sattva in 2021 and is brand new to archery. Previously, she served an AmeriCorps term in Portland at EqualityMaine, working in development and outreach. She has also worked in a neuroscience lab, at two different history museums, and at a zoo. As Administrative Assistant, Rose is available to answer questions and help out however possible before and during weekday classes.


Range Assistant

Sam Kleinman-Eddy

Sam first came to Sattva in 2012 after seeing the Lord of the Rings movies, and wanting to be just like Legolas. He fell in love with the place instantly. He's worked at the range for almost a year, and he loves the sense of accomplishment he gets from the tasks to complete around the space. Sam is a joy to have around Sattva and, in his eagerness to learn as much as he can, has become an accomplished arrow fletcher. You'll recognize Sam immediately by his warm friendly greeting and willingness to help.