Sattva Members: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

Do I have to be a member to learn Archery at Sattva?

No. For ongoing, indoor training from November 2020 – April 2021 (or until the pandemic has been resolved) you must be a member to access ongoing indoor training. If you are not a member, you can book a private or semi-private coaching session at any time. Book you private by following this link to our online calendar.

How do I become a member of Sattva Archery?

If you are already in Sattva’s JOAD/AAAP training program, then you are almost there! If you pay for your training on a monthly or annual auto-draw, then you are already a member. Yay! If you are using a drop-in card, you can become a member by switching to a monthly or annual payment. Your current drop-in card balance can be applied.

Why do members have to join USA Archery?

Members of USA Archery receive General Liability Insurance and Excess Participant Accident
Medical Insurance sponsored by USA Archery. Because your membership includes access to Sattva’s Indoor Range, while unsupervised by a Sattva Staff member, this is an important precautionary measure we are requiring you to take.

Can my child become a member?

Yes. Membership is open to archers ages 8+ who have trained with Sattva within the past six months. Sattva reserves the right to deny your child’s membership if we determine that they need additional training before they can safely train unsupervised by a Sattva Coach.

How much does membership cost?

Please go to our membership page for information about fees.

Why do members need to own their own equipment?

For the safety of all archers, Sattva requires members to use their own equipment during training. Because archers will be training on their own in the range, it is not possible to adhere to the necessary sanitization protocol of the equipment. If you need to purchase equipment, please contact Coach Kyle for recommendations. We are a full retail shop and can provide the best equipment for you. Long-term rentals may be available if we have the right equipment for you in stock. We sometimes also offer rent-to-own contracts if you are interested in a payment plan for new equipment.

What if I’m not a member and I book a private, do I need my own equipment?

No. Because a Sattva Coach will be with you for your coaching session, we can provide the equipment you need for your session.

When I reserve time at the Indoor Range, will there be other archers there?

No, the time you reserve is just for you. In fact, other than a buddy in your pod (like a roommate or family member) we ask that you are the only one at the range. Please do not bring other people with you. If you would like to train with a cohort, please contact Coach SerahRose to talk about the details of training as a group while at the indoor range.

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