Release Your Inner Super Hero

Sattva Center for Archery Training is having an Archery is for Everyone! Try Archery Event at Look Park

Archery is for Everyone! Is a nationwide Try Archery campaign where archery and Marvel enthusiasts get a hands-on introduction to archery and receive a collectible Marvel poster featuring iconic comic book and movie characters Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

A white female archer with long black hair and wearing a red shirt in a wheel chair takes aim with her Olympic recurve bow. She has the aura of a Super Hero. Behind her is text that reads "Be Your Own Super Hero."

Sattva Center for Archery Training is happy to announce its Archery is for Everyone! Try Archery Event on May 20 at Look Park. In partnership with USA Archery, we’re helping to grow the sport of archery in communities across the country. As an added perk, anyone who attends and tries archery at our event will receive a limited-edition USA Archery steps of shooting poster featuring Marvel characters Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Kate Bishop demonstrating the steps of shooting with other super heroes cheering them on.

Watch the USA Archery’s and Marvel video with social media influencer Jess Dolan (@femalepeterparker) and four-time Olympian Brady Ellison (@bradyellison) as they go head-to-head in a heated archery competition, once Brady teaches Female Peter Parker how to shoot archery. At the end of the video, Marvel and archery fans alike can click on the link and find an Archery is for Everyone! Try Archery Event in their community.

“Sattva Center for Archery Training is excited to offer this Try Archery Event at the same time as our regular classes. Event attendees will get to learn archery, and shoot alongside archers who are shooting as far as 70-meters, many of them training for national competition.” says Owner and Head Coach Kyle Bissell.

Watch the USA Archery X Marvel video. Find a Try Archery Event near you to take your best shot and receive the collectible Marvel poster featuring Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

If you would like more information about archery or how to try archery, visit or

WHAT: Try Archery!

WHEN: May 20, 9am-noon. Come anytime; plan on staying about an hour.

WHERE: Sattva Outdoor Range at Look Park in Florence, MA


AGES: 9+

PRICE: $30

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