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Solo or with your family

You CAN practice archery as a key part of your healthy lifestyle while Sattva’s doors are temporarily closed for COVID. Target Archery is a wonderful way to attend to your mental and physical well-being while responsibly practicing social distancing. So get outside and find, or make, an archery range.

How to do Archery Today!

Field Archery Outdoors at MacLeish Field Station (free)

  • Picture walking on a trail, in the woods, by yourself or with your family.  Now add the fact that you are carrying your bow and are wearing a hip quiver with arrows.  Getting excited yet?  Similar to disc golf, you walk along a main trail and the target lanes are quite obvious off of the main trail.  Shoot up or down hill and a varied distances!
  • The MacLeish Field Station located at the end Poplar Hill Road in West Whately has a 1.5 mile Field Archery course set up for the public to use over gentle terrain and well-groomed trails. Use “30 Poplar Hill Road, West Whately” in Google Maps.
  • Check out these videos on Field Archery
  • Sattva will begin hosting classes at MacLeish when we reach a time when it is responsible to return to more familiar patterns of living

At Home

  • You may be able to set up an archery range at your house.  Consider the schematics below indicating desired zones of safety behind and to the sides of your target when determining if it is safe to set up a range in your yard.  Coach Kyle recommends always placing the target at a distance where you are hitting the foam portion of the target 100% of the time.  Never shoot up into the air.  Even arrows launched from a child’s bow can travel 100 yards!  Check local laws for sure if you live in a densely populated area. Three common options for setting up a small (or large) archery range at home include:
    • Garage or Barn: A short distance for sure, but archery nonetheless!  Protect against possible ricochet arrows and use common sense.
    • Basement: If your basement has the height, this could be a great option.
    • Yard: IF an arrow did miss, where would it go?  Many yards will accommodate, some may not.  Be responsible and help maintain the incredible safety record archery has!

What Equipment is Needed?

Inspired to set up an archery range at home or explore the Field Archery Course at  MacLeish Field Station?  MacLeish already has targets and target faces! If you need anything else – call Kyle today and schedule a time to meet him at Sattva to make an equipment purchase that will be – can we say – investing in your physical and mental well-being during the time of a global and local health crisis?  Have fun and take care of yourself at the same time!

    • Bow
    • Arrows
    • Finger Tab
    • Arm Guard
    • Hip Quiver or Ground Quiver
    • Target and possibly a target stand depending on the target style
    • Arrow Curtain (optional, used only to make retrieval easier, not to protect life or property)

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Common Range Layout: Sample Outdoor Range


  1. Gary on March 21, 2020 at 10:16 am

    Looks like a great way to keep shooting. Thanks coach Lynn and everyone at Sattva.

    • SerahRose Bissell on March 25, 2020 at 11:14 am

      You’re so very very welcome. Keep us updated on your archery progress!

  2. Steven Rob on July 9, 2020 at 4:45 am

    Your idea about setting up an archery at home is something that interests me the most. Finding ways to set up a significant archery is what I aim. Thanks for sharing.

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