RED East: August Camp, 2022

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Look Memorial Park
300 North Main Street, Florence, MA 01062

Your entry fee into Look Park has been prearranged.  Give the welcome booth your RED athlete's name and enter without payment.   

Please do not contact Look Park with any questions about RED Camp. Direct all questions to Sattva Center for Archery Training or your RED Coach.

In case of inclement weather, the Indoor Range is at 221 Pine Street, Suite 155, Florence, MA.


Athletes are responsible for finding their own lodging.  Sattva Center for Archery Training is about 2 miles from Smith College.  Smith College has an extensive listing of over 30 local accommodations:  Northampton and Florence also have an impressive showing on Air BNB as well.  


Athletes must fuel and refuel consistently to maintain high levels of performance.  While you are welcome to visit any of the numerous restaurants in Florence (1 mile) and downtown Northampton (2 miles) you also have the option of having Sattva deliver your breakfast and lunch to you at Look Park.  

  • You can A) bring your own food for all meals, B) order from Sattva for all breakfast and lunch meals, or C) combine both of those options. All meals are $20.  Breakfasts are from Tandem Bagel (breakfast sandwiches, etc) and lunches are from Bueno Y Sano (burritos, salads, enchilada, etc). Parents are welcome to order as well!
  • Breakfast arrives to the outdoor range in the 7:30-7:45 window on Saturday and Sunday. Lunch will be delivered to the outdoor range around noon each day.
  • To order your meals:
    • Place your meal order here:
    • Sattva will reach out to you with a menu approximately 48 hours before your meal. Please respond promptly with your menu choice.
    • Breakfast includes: Main dish, side dish, and a drink.
    • Lunch includes: Main dish, chips/salsa, and a drink.
  • Sattva will provide bottled water and basic granola bars but please bring your own water and food too. Rely on Sattva resources as a backup, please.
  • Bring a large cooler with ice to keep your own food and water cool while at the outdoor range.


Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28

  • Saturday, 7:30-7:45 breakfast arrives at the Outdoor Range for those who purchased the meal option. Morning meeting starts at 8:00 AM. Day ends at 5:00 PM.
  • Sunday, 7:30-7:45 AM at the outdoor range for breakfast, warmups, meeting. Range set up. Camp begins at 8:00 and ends at 5:00.

Sattva Waiver

All archers must complete this waiver in advance: RED Camp Sattva Waiver

RED Coaches

Coach Kyle is eager and ready to challenge your body and mind. Start resting up and hydrating!

Please Bring

  • Shooting clothing: USA Archery dress code, please
  • All of your archery equipment
  • Bow square
  • Note paper/journal
  • Pens
  • Rain coat
  • Sun protection
  • Plenty of food and water and a cooler
  • Personal hand sanitizer
  • Water bottle and electrolyte replenisher such as Nuun


  • Your Camp is scheduled to be outdoors. You will be outdoors from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. Please bring your preferred accoutrements for managing sun and heat: an umbrella, brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, plenty of cold drinks and food, etc.
  • If it does rain, no problem! We will stay at the outdoor range and practice in any amount of rain that is forecast to be around .01” per hour. Bring a raincoat and wax your string! However, we can easily move to the indoor range at Sattva conveniently located about 1 mile away from our outdoor range. Sattva’s indoor range has twelve shooting lanes, retail space, a strength and conditioning area, and up to 30 meters of shooting distance. For the indoor location address, see the Location section above.
  • Coaches will not drive athletes from the outdoor range to the indoor range in the event of a sudden change of location due to heavier and sustained rain. Anyone accompanying an athlete should be prepared to drive the athlete in the event we change locations.



  • Masks are optional outdoors. Please let your coach know if you would like them to wear a mask while working directly with you.
  • All Sattva Coaches and Staff are vaccinated.


  • Sattva Coaches wear masks when coaching indoors unless it is lecture style with our filtration system running and everyone else is stationary, wearing masks.
  • Athletes are asked to wear masks when not shooting. Vaccinated athletes can remove masks when shooting. Athletes who choose not to be or cannot be vaccinated must keep their masks on all the time.
  • Sattva has two industrial size air filters purchased because of COVID that accommodate our 4,500 sq ft indoor facility. We also have windows and a large door that can open to the outdoors.