Amherst Archery Academy adds Open Range!

What’s Open Range?

When AAA runs regular group sessions, that are not full to capacity, the remaining spaces at the shooting line will be made available for AAA alum to reserve.  You can choose to come once in a week, twice, thrice, whatever works for you.  Pay as you go.  Please call or email in advance to see if there is room at the line.

Why go to Open Range?

Because you want more time at the line to find your center! Like you, many of the Adult Archery Achievement Program (AAAP) archers, Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) archers, dedicated General Group Lesson archers and community archers want more opportunities to simply practice and have fun.  Open Range Time is a great solution for creating more opportunities for “Archers to the line”. To maintain our high level of safety, only AAA alum may attend. All you need to do is one private lesson with AAA first and then you are considered an alum.

Here’s the Scoop

As an Open Ranger:

  • You will not receive instruction
  • You will need to be capable of being at the line without significant supervision
  • Your presence cannot distract AAA coaches from the students receiving instruction.
  • If you have enrolled in one Session (5 classes) with AAA in the past or at least one Private, then you are eligible.
  • However, if you have not taken classes in a while and need a refresher in order to shoot in a self sufficient and competent manner, we recommend you  enroll in a Session or Private for a brush up.

Pay as you Go

  • JOAD/AAAP member with their own equipment: $10
  • JOAD/AAAP member needing to use AAA equipment: $15
  • Non JOAD/AAAP archers with own equipment: $15
  • Non JOAD/AAAP archers needing to use AAA equipment: $20

Fee covers 2 hours of range time.

Email or call in advance to reserve your spot on the line!

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