Level I Archery Instructor Practical Courses: Information and FAQ

Choose Sattva for your Level I Archery Instructor Practical Course!

  • The USA Archery Level I Instructor Course follows a blended model involving both an online and an in-person practical course.
  • USA Archery hosts the online portion of the course while Sattva facilitates the practical experience where coaches further their learning and demonstrate competency.
  • The Level I online course is self-paced and culminates with an online exam. It is offered in English only and takes approximately 3-4 hours. Candidates must take and pass the online exam with a 75% or higher to participate in the practical with Sattva.
  • The USA Archery Level 1 Instructor will learn about range safety, range setup, the steps of shooting, equipment and repair, programs and lesson plans, and will be well prepared to teach beginner archery programs to people of all ages and abilities in a variety of disciplines.

Sattva Trainers are professional, highly experienced, and determined to support you as you grow your competencies, your program, and the archers you work with. You are welcome to attend any of the prescheduled courses at Sattva or, for a minimum fee, Sattva Trainers will travel to your camp/program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a Coach Certification Course?

Completing these three steps by the day before your practical course will make it possible for Sattva to certify you with the click of a button after you pass your practical:

  • Register for the online course through USA Archery. You will pay USA Archery at this step. Complete the online course material and pass the online exam.
  • Register for the practical course through Sattva. You will pay Sattva at this step.
  • Join the USA Archery roster for your practical course. This step is free, and will facilitate processing your certification as fast as possible. Find and enter your specific practical course here.

How much will it cost to bring Sattva Instructor Trainers to my camp?

We offer two tuition pricing options for on-site trainings, in addition to a travel fee.

  • Option A): for a minimum fee of $2100, we will train at least twelve of your staff. We will charge $175 per additional candidate over twelve. By paying a minimum fee that covers twelve archers, you get a guarantee that the training will be reserved exclusively for your camp staff.
  • Option B): for a minimum of $1225, we will train at least seven of your staff. We will charge $175 per additional candidate over seven. Choosing this option also means that Sattva reserves the right to invite outside participants to the training as well. This allows us to make Archery Instructor training as accessible as possible across the region.

Regardless of which tuition option you choose, the host camp will also be responsible for a travel fee.

  • For a camp that is less than two hours’ drive away from Sattva, the fee will be $250.
  • For a camp that is more than two hours’ drive away, the fee will be $800.

This year’s travel fee structure reflects the actual costs of supporting our coaching staff as we train archers all over the region. If you wish to avoid paying the travel fee, we are always happy to schedule a training for your camp staff at our own range in Florence.

Please note that Sattva tuition does not include the online course, which is administered by USA Archery.

Once I complete the online and the practical course, how will I get my certificate?

In order to process your certification, we need to have you on the USA Archery roster for the practical course before the practical course begins.

  • By at least the day before your course, please find the practical course you will be taking in the USA Archery database, which you can search by zip code.
  • Confirm the day and location of the course and then click “Enter.”

This will add you to the official course roster and allow our instructor trainer to process your certification as soon as you pass the practical course.

During your course, instructor trainers will pass around an attendance sheet. Writing down the name and email address that you used to sign up on USA Archery’s website will make it a lot easier for our instructor trainers to keep track of who has passed the course!

Once you have completed the practical course, we will be able to process your certification. You can verify this by logging into your account on USArchery.com and looking at your profile. Neither Sattva nor USA Archery will mail you a physical certificate.

How long will the practical course take? What should I bring?

Please confirm the start time of your practical course in your registration confirmation. When held on-site at a camp, the course will run from 8am sharp to approximately 3pm. This means that you need to be at the course location, ready to start at 8am! There is a lot of content to cover and we want to make sure that every participant has learned what they need to be a safe and confident archery instructor. Please bring:

  • Writing utensils and notepad
  • Folding chair for outdoor use
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather / Sun protection
  • Food and at least 1L of water – you will get a half hour lunch break
  • Instructions on how to find the course location

I’m a camp director. Can I sign up all of my staff for the online class at once?

Each candidate needs to be able to access their own USA Archery account in order to complete the online course, take the online exam, and join the practical course roster before the practical course, as well as verify their certification after the course.

You can sign up all of your staff at once, but please use your staff member’s individual email addresses to do so. This will also give us the ability to email each coach candidate directly with the information they need to prepare for their course, which will save you time and hassle passing information along.

I’m not sure which of my staff will end up needing the archery certification, or I need to switch somebody out last minute. Can I still reserve a spot?

If you have paid for a certain number of staff to take a practical course with Sattva, we will train that number of people, provided that each participant has completed the prerequisites. Each coach candidate must complete and pass the online course with USA Archery before attending the practical with Sattva. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Consider this scenario: it is the evening before your archery staff attend the practical with Sattva. It comes to your attention that one of the staff who already took and passed their online exam cannot attend the practical and you need another person to be certified in archery. In the past you simply sent a different staff member to the training. However, this year, your only option is to pay an additional $40 for another online course and have a new candidate take the online course (3-5 hours) before the practical the next day. In addition, the candidate must join the USA Archery roster for the practical after they pass the online exam.

The USA Archery website requires candidates to complete and pass the online course and join the roster for the correct practical course by midnight the night before the practical course takes place.

What can I do to set myself/my staff up for success in the practical course?

  • Camp Directors, we highly recommend you send candidates who are fluent in English and have experience in archery. Both the online and practical courses are taught only in English.
  • While everyone is welcome to attend, candidates must learn and demonstrate competency in teaching archery in a relatively short time to pass.
  • The online course design allows Level I and II candidates the flexibility to immerse themselves in the content at their own pace. Candidates must memorize and review content from the online course and arrive at the practical portion of the course ready to demonstrate competency in those areas.
  • For example, the online modules include excellent video tutorials on the shot cycle. We strongly encourage candidates to use those resources as guides and practice the shot cycle with their body or a stretch band in the weeks leading up to the practical.
  • If candidates arrive to the course without having ever shot archery before and do not recall the information covered in the online course, they will not be positioned to perform well or pass the practical portion of the course. Candidates who have never shot archery before can take the course, but they must fully immerse themselves in the online content in order to succeed in the limited amount of time available for the practical portion of the course.
  • Rather than a written exam at the end of the practical course, candidates must demonstrate competency in a wide range of areas from range set-up to teaching archery using the direct feedback model, cues, and more.
  • Sattva will only pass candidates that demonstrate competency and the ability to teach archery.
  • Candidates who do not pass the first time are welcome to take the practical again, at another time, and for an additional fee.

I’m having trouble accessing my USA Archery account/paying for the online class/completing the online class.

Please get in touch with USA Archery directly with detailed questions about the online course. Sattva does not administer the online course or take payment for it, and is not able to troubleshoot any issues that may come up. Call or email USA Archery!

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