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Welcome Archer Athletes!

We are thrilled to host you for another tournament.  Please read this page and the linked documents thoroughly.  Besides outlining important information about location, score keeping, and dress code, we’ve also noted where to find good food or coffee in the area, where to go indoor go karting, indoor rock climbing, take a zip line canopy tour, and more.  We hope you find it helpful.

If you are new to tournaments, please make sure you review the USA Archery Dress Code, Camouflage Ruling, Double Scoring Video, USA Archery Event Guidebook (great resource for class, division, target face size and distances (p.12-14)), and the USA Archery High Draw Education.  We will go over this content and more in the optional orientation (held 30mins prior to the starting line of your event). So, if you are nine years old and don’t want to read all that stuff – just watch the scoring video and make sure you show up in dress code.  We will explain the rest at orientation.

Tournament Series

All together, each set of tournaments (Indoor and Outdoor) make up a Hello Yellow Tournament Series in which we apply some fancy math to handicap archers based on a variety of factors.  In the end, a youth barebow shooter can be compared to an adult experienced compound athlete and, potentially, win the series.  The algorithm is biased slightly towards those who improve their scores over the course of the Series.

When (Indoors 23-34 season)

  • Athlete check-in is from 12:00 - 12:30pm at the range
  • Optional Orientation for those new to tournaments starts at 12:30pm
  • Equipment Inspection is from 12:30-12:55pm
  • Official Practice: 1:00pm
  • Scoring Rounds Begin: as soon as the official practice is over
  • When the tournament ends depends largely on how many lines we need to run and how efficiently the processes of scoring and retrieval take place. They generally end 3-4 hours after the first practice end.

When (Outdoors 2023 season)

  • Athlete check-in is from 8:00-8:30AM at the range
  • Optional Orientation for those new to tournaments starts at 8:30AM
  • Equipment Inspection is from 8:30-8:55AM
  • Official Practice: 9:00AM
  • Scoring Rounds Begin: as soon as the official practice is over
  • When the tournament ends depends largely on how many lines we need to run and how efficiently the processes of scoring and retrieval take place. We estimate the tournament will come to a close between 1:00 and 2:00PM.

Sattva Waiver

All archers must complete a waiver in advance.

If you are a Sattva Archer with a current waiver on file, you do not need to complete an additional waiver.

Dress Code

Hello Yellow is a USA Archery sanctioned tournament.  Sanctioned tournaments follow specific rules and protocol.  One of the rules communicates a dress code. Please come in dress code. Please also be aware of the rules surrounding camouflage; Bows, hats, quivers may be camo, clothing may not be. See camo rules here and here.

Tournament Format

USA Archery published a magnificent and comprehensive guidebook to tournaments. We recommend you read this document if you are new to tournaments.

If you are part of an archery program that has an Adult Archery Achievement Program or a Junior Olympic Archery Development Program, the Pin Shoot format provides experience for tournament-like conditions.  Whistle commands, timed ends, high draw rules, and double scoring (great video) are just a few of the characteristics common in tournaments and Pin Shoots. Sattva sells pins and lanyards so if you achieve a pin while at an Hello Yellow Tournament, you can go home with it on your lanyard!

Whistle Commands

Whistle commands will be used during the entire tournament. If you are new to tournaments or want a refresher, see below.

    • Two whistles: archers to the line. You may nock but fingers/release aids must remain off the string. NO raising the bow.
    • Two whistles: Begin your shot cycle; fire.
    • Three whistles: Retrieve
    • Five or more: Stop. Emergency

Scoring & Timing

  • Outdoors: 72 Arrow Round. Four minutes to shoot six arrows
  • Indoors: 60 Arrow Round. Two minutes to shoot three arrows.
  • A 10-minute break is provided half way through
  • Double scoring
    • Each archer receives two score sheets at check-in. You score yourself on one score sheet and another person scores you on a second score sheet.  Both sheets must match.
  • Certified USA Archery Judges will be present.


Hello Yellow wants to make archery tournaments more accessible and friendly for a) archers who are new to tournaments and may not have a coach with them and b) spectators who want to understand what is going on.  To this end, every Hello Yellow tournament has an optional orientation.  If you are new to archery tournaments, we encourage you to attend the orientation. Each orientation begins 30 minutes before practice ends begin.  Get your start at Sattva’s Hello Yellow tournaments!


Sattva offers both competitive (sanctioned) and non-competitive (not sanctioned) categories for participation.  Why? The sport of running offers 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon and ultra events.  You can find any distance at any stage of development and go compete.  If you are an adult and want to compete in barebow, you currently must wait until you can shoot 50m to compete – except at Hello Yellow.  At Hello Yellow, non-competitive athletes are on the line with competitive athletes and shooting at non-sanctioned distances (perhaps for their next JOAD/AAAP pin) that they are capable of. Only athletes registered in the competitive category are ranked in the tournament. All athletes are held to the same rules, guidelines, and expectations.  Athletes from different clubs may shoot for Pins at Hello Yellow.


Indoor Tournament Location

Sattva Center for Archery Training
221 Pine Street, Suite 155, Florence, MA 01062

The building is easy to find, the suite is not. Please follow these directions to find our suite.  The building, our suite, and the bathroom are all ADA accessible. Please contact us if you have concerns our questions about accessing the indoor range.

Outdoor Tournament Location

Sattva Center for Archery Training @ Look Memorial Park
300 North Main Street, Florence, MA 01062


Look Park has a Welcome Gate/Ranger Booth. There is a $10 cash-only entry fee per vehicle.

Please do not contact Look Park with any questions about Hello Yellow. Direct all questions to Sattva Center for Archery Training.

Finding the Archery Range & Parking

  • Once you enter Look Park, pass through the ranger station (see details above for $5 fee), and follow the park loop road (one way) around the perimeter of the park. The loop road is shown on the map below as the yellow dotted line. Allow about ten minutes to drive this loop because the speed limit is 15mph.
  • The Sattva archery range (red rectangle on the map below) is in the center of the park, on the interior of the loop, always to your left as you go around the one-way loop road.
  • You will see a left turn off of the loop road just before you complete your circumnavigation of the loop. The left turn is after the splash pad on your right and has a sign (also on the left) advertising parking for the train and the zoo.  Take that left; this is Sattva’s parking lot (blue box on map below).


Look Park has restrooms. The closest ones to Sattva are indicated on the map with green stars. The one closest to the Duck Brook Shelter Parking is larger and has multiple stalls.  The ones by the tennis courts when you drive in are smaller, single person bathrooms.

Finding Center While at Sattva


  1. Tandem Bagel, 1 North Main Street, Florence, MA (Sandwiches, coffee, closes at 2PM on Saturdays)
  2. Bread Euphoria, 206 Main Street, Haydenville, MA (great sandwiches, wood fired pizza) https://www.breadeuphoria.org/
  3. India House, 45 State Street, Northampton, MA (amazing Indian food) http://www.indiahousenorthampton.com/
  4. Bueno Y Sano, 134 Main Street, Northampton, MA (good quality, healthy, burritos, etc.) https://buenoysano.com
  5. Woodstar Café, 60 Masonic Street, Northampton, MA (Excellent food, probably a line) https://www.woodstarcafe.com/


  1. Pioneer Valley Indoor Karting: 10 West Street, West Hatfield, MA https://www.pioneervalleykarting.com/
  2. Zipline Tours / Canopy Tours at Berkshire East: 66 Thunder Mountain Road, Charlemont, MA.
  3. Central Rock Indoor Rock Climbing, Hadley, MA. https://centralrockgym.com/hadley/
  4. Zoar Outdoor Adventures (Zip lining, white water rafting) https://www.zoaroutdoor.com/
  5. CrabApple Whitewater Inc. https://www.crabapplewhitewater.com/
  6. Balloon Tours: http://aerostatpromotions.com/


Athletes are responsible for finding their own lodging.  Sattva Center for Archery Training is about 2 miles from Smith College.  Smith College has an extensive listing of over 30 local accommodations: https://www.smith.edu/about-smith/visiting-smith/local-accommodations.  Northampton and Florence also have an impressive showing on Air BNB as well.