Open to all current Amherst Archery students who want to take their training just a little further, JOAD and the AAAP offer a natural progression of instruction. In addition to the fun and focus you already find in the General Group Sessions, JOAD/AAAP offers the following:

  • Instruction follows the National Training System (NTS) model
  • Exposure to and experience with equipment such as sights, stabilizers, cushion plungers, and more
  • Achievement-based pins provide archers with clear goals and national benchmarks
  • A strong community of archers that are committed to growing together
  • Intra and Inter Club competitions
  • More range time at a reduced rate


Below is a sample of the topics that may be covered in a JOAD/AAAP experience through Amherst Archery Academy. The teaching methodology is fun, hands-on, meaningful, accessible to all ages, and visual. We frequently use video analysis applications on an iPad screen to help demonstrate what we see in each archer.

Social Emotional & Mental Health

  • Mental training to deal with sport related stress and anxiety (this transfers to life!)
  • Competition Etiquette and General Sportsmanship
  • Meditation, mimetics and imagery

Physical Conditioning & Health

  • Nutrition for archers (and for life)
  • Volume training target practice
  • Cardiovascular training and awareness
  • Strength training exercises for shoulders and core

Skill Development

  • Specific Physical Training (SPT) Drills (these are fun and challenging)
  • Focus on specific aspects of the National Training System
  • Intermediate and advanced games
  • Shooting from various distances
  • Goal setting

Technical Skill Development

  • Bow tuning and arrow selection
  • Familiarity with competition regulations
  • Familiarity with names of muscles primarily used in archery
  • Familiarity with and ability to use a variety of sights, stabilizers and equipment
  • All aspects of the sample curriculum outlined above support archers in the optional

Achievement & Competition

  • Scoring rounds for Achievement Pins
  • Level I or Level II USA Archery Instructor certification track (age 15 minimum)
  • Intra and Inter Club competitions at the regional and national level


JOAD/AAAP Participants enroll by the season; we meet one night per week for ten weeks.  In addition to regular classes, participants can attend qualifying round events such as the Spring Gathering or Fall Frenzy for no additional cost.  During qualifying round events participants try for their Stars Pins under tournament-like conditions.  JOAD/AAAP members can also participate in non-JOAD/AAAP Sessions during the Spring, Summer and Fall for only $80/Session, when space is available.  This is  a 50% tuition break to encourage additional range time for already committed archers.


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