Day Seven: Online Archery Carnival: Heart Rate Ladder Challenge

Welcome to Day SEVEN of the Online Archery Carnival!

Read the May 24 post for information on the Carnival and how to participate.  Each Carnival Challenge will be communicated in the following format.

To participate, complete the challenge on any given day and use the scaled versions if needed.  Then, submit a video or photo of yourself to Instagram or Facebook or e-mail to Coach Kyle.  Your Facebook and Instagram accounts have to be public, not private, and you need to tag Instagram as @sattva_archery and #archerycarnival2020.  Facebook needs to get tagged as @sattvaarchery. If you want to submit via Facebook, post on your own page.

More information in the March 24 blog post.


Heart Rate Ladder Challenge

Description of Challenge & Performance

  • Overview:
    • A) Elevate your heart rate to different levels while remaining in a healthy zone for yourself (no heart attacks please).
    • B) Then, while your HR is elevated, shoot 6 arrows in 4 minutes.
    • C) Rest. Repeat.  Each repetition will bring you up a Heart Rate Ladder and then back down the Ladder.
    • D) The real challenge here is not getting your heart rate up; rather, the challenge is hidden in your ability to maintain focused on process while shooting your six arrows with an increasingly fatigued body and elevated HR.  How strong is your mental game when your physical body is stressed out?   Use today’s challenge to forge an ironclad mental process.
  • Max Heart Rate: Find your calculated max heart rate by using the following equation: 220 – your age = max heart rate.  Then, for this specific activity, subtract another 10 from that value.  So, for a 50 year old person, the equation looks like this: 220 – 50 = 170; 170 – 10 = 160.  160 will be the top of the Heart Rate Ladder you’ll climb during this exercise.  All other intensity levels on the ladder will be calculated off of this value. Of course, scale this back if you have any medical conditions that would contraindicate having a heart rate as high as what this calculation gives you.  While I imagine most people will fall somewhere in the 130 bpm – 160bpm range, it is fine to be lower too.  Do what is best for you.
  • WARM UP First!
    • 15 Up and Overs with your bow stringer
    • 30 seconds side planks both sides
    • 20 seconds: Bend at waist and let arms dangle freely to get shoulder synovial fluids moving
    • 10 Push Ups (strict, knees or wall)
    • 20 Jumping Jacks (check your HR now, what does 20 JJ get your HR to?)
    • 10 repetitions of toe circles, both sides (balance on one foot and move ankle through full range of motion while tracing circles in air with toes)
  • If you normally wear a hip quiver, I recommend you take it off for this Challenge.  Your arrows will need to be in a ground quiver or some approximation of a ground quiver for this activity so you can access them easily.  This challenge involves a lot of moving around and your hip quiver will become cumbersome.  Remove it.
  • You will shoot 7 Ends of arrows.  Each End of arrows will be 4 minutes long.  Each End is shot with a different heart rate.  The first four ends are all shot with a heart rate higher than the end before it.  The 4th end is the top of the ladder.  Ends 5, 6, 7 have decreasing heart rates as you come back down the ladder.  Rest between each end of arrows before you start elevating your heart rate again. The sequence looks like this:
    • Elevate your Heart Rate to first Level of Ladder
    • Shoot 6 arrows in 4 minutes attending to process
    • Rest for 4 minutes including retrieval.
    • Elevate your HR to the 2nd Ladder Level
    • Shoot 6 arrows in 4 minutes attending to process
    • Rest 4 minutes including retrieval.
    • Elevate your HR to the 3rd Ladder Level
    • Etc.
  • What to do to increase heart rate.  Be creative!  Jumping jacks, running, sprinting, box jumps, burpees, lateral leaps, butt kicks, high knees . . . these are just a few ideas.  Do what works for your body and gets your HR where you need it.


Knowledge Outcome

  • Archer will know what it feels like mentally and physically to shoot when their body is under stress
  • Archer will know how their shot cycle process is affected by the increasing different levels of stress
  • Archer will know what strategies work for maintaining mental process during times of stress
  • Archer will search for an “optimal level of arousal” (Bandura) where the stress level and skill level are in harmony and lead to positive results.

Skill Outcome

  • Archer will practice 3 deep breaths before each end to assist in cutting adrenaline levels
  • Archer will be able to identify where their mental process begins to break down (if at all) when stress is increased
  • Archer will refine conscious awareness of shot cycle in the areas that are identified to be weak (referring to bullet above)
  • Archer becomes more comfortable knowing they can shoot with higher levels of physical stress.

Materials Needed

  • Bow or stretch band or body.  Can be performed with any of these.
  • Heart Rate monitor is ideal but a stop watch your fingers work just fine for taking pulse
  • Area for doing the exercises of your choice

Criteria for Assessment & Feedback

  • Did you maintain mental clarity through the shot cycle on each shot for that end?  If not, where in the shot cycle did your conscious mind stray from the correct focal points?  Fix it next shot.
  • How quickly can you lower your HR during the shot cycle?
  • Which HR Level felt like you found flow?

Scaled Options

  • Prescribed is a 7 step Ladder.  To scale this, change either the
    • Max Heart Rate calculation
    • Number of steps in the Ladder: 5 Levels (3 up, 2 down)

Video or Photo Submission Criteria for this Challenge

  • Photo: Get photo of you, exhausted and sweaty, sweat dripping off of nose, at the top of the Ladder, while shooting.
  • Video: Video the entire cycle of the top Ladder Level.
  • Post to Instagram and use #archerycarnival2020 and @sattva_archery (underscore). or to your Facebook page (make it public) and mention/tag @SattvaArchery (no underscore) ….or just e-mail or text Coach Kyle photos/videos.

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