Day One: Online Archery Carnival Challenge: No Band, No Bow, Get Training!

Welcome to Day One of the Online Archery Carnival!

Read the May 24 post for information on the Carnival and how to participate.  Each Carnival Challenge will be communicated in the following format.  You can choose to submit a video or a photo to our Instagram or Facebook pages to demonstrate your participation and help other participants feel the momentum of the event. Instructions on how to do that and what # to use are also found on the March 24 blog post.


No Band, No Bow, Get. Training!

Description of Challenge & Performance:

Perform the shot cycle 100 times with your body only. No stretch band, no bow. You can do this all at once, sets of 25 throughout the day, or two sets of 50.  Still develop tension and direction with with muscles and movement. Find a mirror or large window, or set up a video camera so that you can get as immediate feedback as possible.  No sense in performing 100 repetitions of anything if you can’t get feedback of some sort.  Steps of the shot cycle for those of you who may be just starting out and only have a few classes under your belt: Stance, Hook and Grip, Set, Set Up, Load, Anchor, Transfer, Expand, Follow Through.

Observe (inwardly & outwardly) yourself perform the shot cycle, without a bow or stretch band for 100 repetitions.   As you go through the process:

  • Practice stating each shot cycle step, out loud, PRIOR to your body executing the actual movement.
  • Even though you are not using a stretch band or bow, let appropriate tension in the body build as you go through the shot cycle to mimic the muscle contractions you would have while shooting.
  • Practice being particularly aware / conscious of your movements for LOAD, ANCHOR, TRANSFER.  Each step should get progressively slower and smaller.
  • Holding: Physically find that point of skeletal alignment (it will be different without the bow/band) and then hold that tension in your back that has progressively built up throughout the shot.  Now, Mentally, choose to let the mind settle FULLY until you are ready to CHOOSE Expansion.
  • Hold tension and direction through follow through.

Knowledge Outcome:

What will participants end up knowing?

  • Participants know that they can command the steps of the shot cycle with their body and mind, repeatably, without a band or bow.
  • Participants know that they can keep a clear head and consciously take loading, anchor, transfer and HOLDING….let the mind settle…prior to expansion.

Skill Outcome:

What skills will participants develop?

  • Participants can command (verbally state, out loud so the dog and cat can hear you) the steps of the shot cycle while performing the steps of the shot cycle without a stretch band or bow.
  • Athletes can achieve skeletal alignment at Set Up
  • Participants can consciously take LOADING prior to anchor.
  • Participants consciously find holding both physically and mentally prior to choosing expansion.
  • Participants can hold tension and direction through follow through

Materials Needed:

  • Your body
  • Camera/Phone/Tablet
  • Mirror or window (optional)

Criteria for Assessment & Feedback:

Coach Kyle will be looking for these elements & You should be too.

  • Accurately and consistently state the steps of the shot cycle PRIOR to executing the shot
  • Tension begins building in Set Position
  • Shoulders remain low and level during Set Up
  • Skeletal alignment is achieved at Set Up for Recurve / Draw for Compound
  • Draw Side shoulder blade moves over to spine at Set Up.  Stays pinned against spine during rest of shot cycle has minimal movement towards spine for rest of shot cycle.
  • Archer consciously take LOADING prior to moving on to Anchor
  • Anchor and Transfer are visible to the Coach and are followed by archer physically & mentally taking holding.  Athlete lets their mind settle FULLY prior to choosing Expansion
  • Archer maintains tension and direction during follow through

Scaled Options

This Challenge is easily scaled.  Scale this Challenge if you are concerned about physical injury or do not have time to complete the challenge.  If you have time, are in good physical health but are daunted by the number “100”. . . dig in and get the work done.

Video or Photo Submission Criteria for this Challenge

  • Video: Take one video of you performing the Challenge as described above.
  • Photo: Get photos of your form at Set Up, Holding, and Follow Through and submit those 3 photos.

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