Day Eight: Online Archery Carnival:

Welcome to Day EIGHT of the Online Archery Carnival!

Read the May 24 post for information on the Carnival and how to participate.  Each Carnival Challenge will be communicated in the following format.

To participate, complete the challenge on any given day and use the scaled versions if needed.  Then, submit a video or photo of yourself to Instagram or Facebook or e-mail to Coach Kyle.  Your Facebook and Instagram accounts have to be public, not private, and you need to tag Instagram as @sattva_archery and #archerycarnival2020.  Facebook needs to get tagged as @sattvaarchery. If you want to submit via Facebook, post on your own page.

More information in the March 24 blog post.


Gold Game

Description of Challenge & Performance

  • Archer starts at a distance away from the target where they can get all arrows in the Gold (9s and 10s).  Any size target face.
  • When the archer successfully shoots 6 arrows in the Gold, the distance to the target increases by 3 feet.
  • Shoot 6 arrows again.  Only back your target up 3 more feet when you get all your arrows in the Gold.
  • How far back can you go?

Knowledge Outcome

  • Archer will know what it feels like mentally and physically to shoot when their body is under stress
  • Archer will know how their shot cycle process is affected by the increasing different levels of stress
  • Archer will know what strategies work for maintaining mental process during times of stress
  • Archer will search for an “optimal level of arousal” (Bandura) where the stress level and skill level are in harmony and lead to positive results.

Skill Outcome

  • Archer will likely begin to feel specific aspects of form that are
    • a) allowing the arrows to successfully fly into the center of the target
    • b) triggering arrows to stray from Gold
  • Archer practices imprinting those skills that send arrows into Gold. Practice feeling what “a 10” feels like.

Materials Needed

  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Target and target face

Criteria for Assessment & Feedback

  • What steps of the shot cycle allowed your arrows to find center?
  • Which steps of the shot cycle do you need to work more on? How will you adjust these steps next time you shoot?

Scaled Options

  • Don’t worry if you have limited range distance!  Simply adjust the target face size.
  • Worried about hitting your arrows?  Well, stop complaining and put up multiple Gold spots around the target.  What’s that?  The spots are at all different heights.  Get over it and put more effort into skill building, less into complaining. . . or, if self-image is hurting, move the target closer until you feel more successful.

Video or Photo Submission Criteria for this Challenge

  • Photo: Get photo of you, while shooting, and maybe one of your target
  • Video: Video and arrow or two at your farthest distance
  • Post to Instagram and use #archerycarnival2020 and @sattva_archery (underscore). or to your Facebook page (make it public) and mention/tag @SattvaArchery (no underscore) ….or just e-mail or text Coach Kyle photos/videos.

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