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USA Archery Instructor Certification Courses @ Sattva

General Information for Level I & Level II

Please read carefully as the course format has changed.

Level I and II courses now follow a blended model involving both an online and in-person learning experience.  USA Archery hosts the online portion of the course while Sattva facilitates the practical experience where coaches further their learning and demonstrate competency. At this point, the online portion of the course is offered in English only. In addition, we are sorry to say that Sattva trainers are fluent only in English.

The online courses are completed on a self-paced timeline at any point during the year and culminate with an online exam. Candidates must take and pass the online exam with a 75% or higher to participate in the practical with Sattva.  The online portion of the certification course takes approximately 3 hours for Level I and 4 hours for Level II.  The practical experiences take approximately 4 hours for Level I and 8 hours for Level II.

Registration for the Online Course through USA Archery

Candidates may register and begin the online course at any point.  This link HERE

provides easy instructions on how to get started with the online course.

Camps Directors and Program Directors can also purchase a bundle of online course codes and disperse these codes to staff.  Staff can then engage in the online course at times convenient for them before their practical.

Registration for the Practical Course with Sattva

Registration is now a two-step process, and this is exciting because that means Sattva can certify you with the click of a button after you pass your practical.  No more waiting for certifications!

  1. Step One: Go to USA Archery and register for the practical portion of your course. USA Archery will not ask you for any money at this step.  You will pay Sattva directly in Step 2.  This first step is the magical step that allows Sattva to pass successful candidates immediately after the practical course.
  2. Step Two: Go to Sattva and enroll in the course with Sattva. You must register with both USAA and Sattva for the practical.  However, payment only goes to Sattva for the practical.

Preparing for & Passing the Course

The online course design allows Level I and II candidates the flexibility to immerse themselves in the content at their own pace.  Candidates must memorize and review content from the online course and arrive to the practical portion of the course ready to demonstrate competency in those areas.  For example, the online modules include excellent video tutorials on the shot cycle.  We strongly encourage candidates use those resources as guides and practice the shot cycle with their body or a stretch band in the weeks leading up to the practical.

If candidates arrive to the course without having ever shot archery before and do not recall the information covered in the online course, they will not be positioned to perform well or pass the practical portion of the course.  To be clear, candidates can take the course without having shot archery before.  However, in this situation, students must fully immerse themselves in the online content to perform in the limited amount of time available for the practical portion of the course.  Sattva will only pass candidates that demonstrate competency and the ability to teach archery.

Rather than a written exam at the end of the practical course, candidates must demonstrate competency in a wide range of areas from range set-up to teaching archery using the direct feedback model, cues, and more.  Candidates that do not demonstrate competency will not pass the course and will be asked to enroll in another practical course for an additional fee.

Camp Directors, we highly recommend you send candidates who are fluent in English and have experience in archery.   Both the online and practical courses are taught only in English. In addition, candidates must learn and demonstrate competency in teaching archery in a relatively short time.  To be clear, everyone is welcome to attend and everyone must be prepared to demonstrate competency in order to pass.