We love celebrating the determination, dedication, and resilience of our archers. Archery is not easy. You practice an athletic art that relies on your breath, stillness, and focus, but then you suddenly insert a whole bunch of unknowns….

Who am I standing next to? The lighting is weird in here. Did I remember the right finger tab? I have to register where? Where is the equipment inspection station? How does this new digital scoring system work? Is there a pencil? My hands are so sweaty that I can’t turn the knob on my sight.

And suddenly…you forget to breathe and you lose your way. Even in your own range, you can have days where focusing is so much harder.

Today we celebrate some archers who found their focus.

Cerji has been trying for about six or seven months for her yellow pin in the Adult Archery Achievement Program. She shoots Barebow and has needed to score a 240 or better with 30 arrows under tournament-like conditions to get the pin. On February 29, she succeeded! These will be the last pins that Kyle can present to her as a coach. The next pins, Bronze, Silver and Gold Olympian are mailed directly from USA Archery.

Lyle (Barebow) and Coral (Olympic Recurve) also achieved pins on February 29 for which they have been trying for some time.

Cerji, Lyle, Carrie, and Eric all stepped out of their comfort zone and competed at Nationals! Bravo! Each archer placed really well within their division and skill-set. We’re so proud of you!

AAA Alum Naomi Volain earned first place for adult female, Olympic Recurve for cumulative points in FITA 300 Rounds during 2015. She achieved this with her new home club in California, The Pasedena Roving Archers. The Roving Archers Club was established in 1935 and is therefore the oldest continuous running archery club in the USA. A FITA 300 Round usually consists of shooting 30 arrows from the 18-meter distance at a 40cm target face. The best possible score per arrow is “10”…10×30 is 300. We miss you Naomi and are thrilled that you continue to arch! 

Archers, to the line!

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